Creating a Java Update Application in Configuration Manager 2012

Now that I have a Java .MSI file, I can create a application using the Configuration Manager 2012 Application Wizard. Go to \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications, right click on Applications and select Create Application.

Java Application

That will kick off the Configuration Manager 2012 “Create Application Wizard“. Accept the default “Automatically detect information about this application from installation files” Browse to the location of the Java .MSI file, Select and Click Next..

Create Java Update

The Create Application Wizard imports the application information from the Windows Installer (.MSI) file, Click Next..


The next screen in the Create Application Wizard gives the opportunity to specify information related to the application. This screen also let’s you modify or add to the command line installation parameters and to specify the installation behavior. Click Next..

Deploy Java Update

Confirm the settings for the new Application, Click Next..


As you can see below the Create Application Wizard has completed successfully, you can close the wizard and Create a Java Deployment.

Finish Java Application