Create and Deploy a Printer Configuration Baseline

Now that we have configured a basic Compliance Configuration Item, we need to deploy it to a Collection. Go to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Compliance Settings\Configuration Baselines, Right Click on Configuration Baselines, Select Create Configuration Baseline.

SCCM Create Configuration Baseline

This brings up the “Create Configuration Baseline” dialog box. Enter a “Name” and “Description” if needed. Click Add, Configuration Item.

SCCM Configuration Item

This brings up the “Add Configuration Items” screen, Select the configuration item that we created in the previous steps. Select the item and Click Add.

SCCM Compliance Baseline

The Configuration Item is will now be added to the Configuration Baseline. Click OK.

SCCM 2012 Configuration Baseline

This takes you back to the Create Configuration Baseline dialog box, Click OK.

Configuration Baseline Deployment

Now that were back on the Configuration Baselines Screen Right-Click our baseline and select Deploy.

SCCM Baseline Deployment

This takes us to the Deploy Configuration Baselines Screen. Accept the defaults and choose a collection. After choosing a collection check the defaults and make any necessary changes. Click OK. As you can see the “Default Printer Compliance Baseline” has been deployed.


Now you can go to \Monitoring\Overview\Deployments\ and check the status of your compliance deployment.