Deploying Adobe Flash Update With CM 2012

In the previous article, I used an Adobe Flash Player MSI file to create an application using the “Create Application Wizard“. In this article I will use Configuration Manager 2012 to Deploy the Application. First I go to the Software Library, Application Management, Applications and Right-Click on the Application that I created called Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX– 11.5.502.149 and go down the menu and select the Deploy option.

Deploy Adobe Flash Update

The second screen in the Deploy Software Wizard will ask you to Specify General Information for this Deployment. This is where you can browse to your users or in my case Device Collection called Window’s 7 PC’s. Choose the collection and Click Next..

Updating Adobe Flash in the Enterprise

Next we need to Specify the Content Destination. This is where you add a distribution point or a distribution point group. In this case I will be choosing a distribution point for the deployment.

Deploy Adobe Flash

In this screen you will choose your deployment settings. In this case I have decided to make this an Installed, ¬†“Required” application. I have also chosen to deploy the application based on a schedule that I will select even if there isn’t a user logged into the PC. I also want to send wake-up packets to the PC’s in the enterprise that might be turned off.

Choose Content Location

Now I can create a Schedule to deploy the application. In this case I have decided to deploy the application As Soon As Possible.

Flash Updates SCCM 2012

In this screen we can specify the user experience during the application deployment. For user notification I have selected “Hide in Software Center and all Notifications”. In some office environments¬†little pop-ups at the bottom of the screen tends to annoy or alarm the end-users, sometimes it’s better to keep the application updates on the down low. The next option “When the installation deadline is reached, allow the following activities to be preformed outside the maintenance window”.¬†In this case I have chosen Software Installation and System Restart. Be careful with the System Restart unless you are sure there are no working users on the other end.

Adobe Flash Updates

The next screen allows you to Specify Configuration Manager and Operation Manager alert options. In this case I don’t select anything.

Deployment of Updates

The next Deploy Software Wizard screen lets you confirm your settings for this application deployment.


The last screen will let you know if the Deploy Software Wizard Completed Successfully. You can now Close the Wizard.

Finish Updates