Enable Printing Related Classes in SCCM 2012

Client Settings and Hardware Inventory

There is a limited amount of network printer information available in SCCM 2012 and most of the information that is available is generally limited to local printer resources. Apparently this is because the SCCM client uses the user context “System” and therefore queries the HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) of “System” and not the HKCU of the user that is currently logged into the computer. So, for example, if you are looking for the default network printer that is selected by the local user, that information is a little harder to retrieve. Let’s look at the printer information that is relatively easy to come by before getting to the HKCU.

Before you can get the printer information you need to make sure that hardware inventory is enabled in the client settings and the printing classes are available in the hardware inventory classes.

Go to \Administration\Overview\Client Settings and click on properties for the Default Client Settings.

Printers and SCCM

Click on Hardware Inventory and then Set Classes

Hardware Classes SCCM

After the Hardware Inventory Classes screen comes up Click on Add

Set Printer Classes

This brings up the “Connect to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)”  dialog box.

SCCM Hardware Classes

In this case the classes would be loaded from the SCCM server that I am logged into. Since all of my clients are Windows 7, I would rather choose classes directly from a windows 7 box to be safe.

SCCM Hardware Classes

So enter a fully qualified domain name in the “Computer name” field, I left the WMI namespace the same, click “Recursive”, Credentials required since the computer is not local and type in credentials with administrative access, then “Connect”.

Hardware Classes for Printing

Now you will see all of the available classes, some will be marked “No” which means they are not enabled and the other will say “Yes” meaning that they are already available in the Hardware Inventory Classes screen. There are allot of classes to look through, if you want to find the printing related classes just do a search from the “Search for inventory classes” search bar above.

Search Hardware Classes SCCM

As you can see all of the printing related classes say “Yes” and their associated boxes to the far left are grayed out which means I have already enabled these classes in the hardware inventory. If you’re print related classes say “No” the check boxes will be white so simply check the box and click ok.

Add Hardware Class Print

Now that you are back in the main “Hardware Inventory Classes” screen you will see the printing classes available. Now you must check the boxes to include these classes in your hardware inventory. Now after a hardware inventory has been completed this information will be available through Resource Explorer, Queries and Reports.