Creating an Application for Firefox With Configuration Manager 2012

Creating the Firefox Application

Installing or Uninstalling Firefox with Configuration Manager 2012 is a relatively simply process if you have the .MSI download from

Firefox MSI Download

Download the .MSI file and upload it to the applicable file share on your Configuration Manager 2012 server. To create the Firefox Application go to Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications – Right click on Applications, Choose “Create Application”. This kicks off  The Create Application Wizard.

Firefox Application in CM 2012

Then browse to the location of the Firefox .MSI file and select it and Click Next…

Firefox Installer

The next screen in the Create Application Wizard should resemble the one below, stating that the “Application information successfully imported from the Windows Installer (Native) file.

CM 2012 Application

The next screen in the Create Application Wizard  allows you to provide information about the application, allows you to add, remove or alter any of the command line switches and to select the installation behavior.


The next screen in the Create Application Wizard  allows you to review the settings for the application.


If all goes well you will see the Create Application Wizard has completed successfully, you may now close the application wizard.



Now that the application has been created we can schedule a deployment.