View Printing Related Information in SCCM

Now that we have enabled the printing related hardware classes during the hardware inventory cycle in SCCM we may want to view or query this information. One easy way to view information on specific client devices is through resource explorer. Go to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Devices – Right-Click on the Device, Click Start, Click Resource Explorer.

SCCM Printing Information Resource Explorer

Expand the top Hardware Inventory Line.

SCCM Inventory

As you can see below since the Hardware Classes were Enabled  there is information available on Printer Configuration, Printer Device, Printer Driver, Print Jobs and any TCPIP Printer Ports. This will include information on Network and Local printers. You can view the drivers that are installed for the network printers including their version numbers, names and much more.

SCCM Printing Information

If you click on Print Driver and  you will be able to see the names of all of the Print Drivers that are installed on this particular device. This includes local and network print drivers.

Print Drivers in SCCM
Likewise if you Click on Printer Devices you will be able to view the local printers and network printers that are installed on the device.
 If you scroll far to the right you can find the field “Port Name”, since the printer address IP Scheme on our network uses the network I’m sure that this device user is printing to these two HP Laser Jets. I can also deduce (besides the fact that I checked physically to make sure) that the user has a local deskjet printer hp deskjet 5600 that connects via the USB port.

Find Network Printers SCCM

One interesting find below is viewing Windows 8 Printer resources through Resource Explorer. If you have a Windows 8 PC click on the PNP Device Driver field.

Windows 8 Printer Resources

Narrow the view by typing in “Print in the search filter at the top of the Resource Explorer screen. As you can see below the PNP Device selection can show the print servers and printers that are being used (Although I have changed the names in this case). I tried this on the Windows 7 PC’s and couldn’t find any printer resources under the PNP Device selection. This information can be handy if you are interested in what Print Server a particular client PC is connected to in addition to what network printers are available to that end user.

SCCM Windows 8 Printing

There is allot more SCCM gathered printing information available as you scroll across, how useful that information is depends on exactly what you are looking for.